Funny experience; I test drove the Tesla model Y long range and was not that impressed, I actually preferred my 2010 Prius in terms of drive comfort and overall driveability.

But a very interesting thing… Cindy‘s dad, Vietnamese immigrant, the owner and the purchaser of the car. He says all these downsides about it and these bad things… yet he still likes it?

Sexy wins

Ultimately, a Tesla model three, even a basic one is almost like the new BMW or Mercedes in LA? It is much cooler to pull up in a Tesla than a BMW three series or Mercedes A class car.

Power wins

Even though the drive comfort in the 2010 Prius is superior to the Tesla model Y dual motor, I think ultimately what wins is the pure power. The Tesla model wide dual motor, not even the performance one… Is like a rocketship on steroids. I haven’t even test driven a performance Tesla model three or Y… Nor a Tesla model S or X plaid.. or a cyberbeast, but I could sense and I could predict that the power will be intoxicating.